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word of the director :

Dear professional, dear teacher, Dear graduate, dear student,       

  We are very proud and motivated to offer you the services of the Liaison Office: Enterprise-University- LOEU of Biskra University. This office will effectively contribute to the opening of the university on the socio-economic sector and in strengthening the links already existed between the university and the business world.   

  LOEU through its professional team allows companies and professionals to collaborate, to open on the university space, and to concretize the collaboration.      


 The network of graduates from the University of Biskra-ALUMNI offers you a space for exchange and sharing to create opportunities for you to boost your careers and expand your professional networks.  


      Do not hesitate to visit us at: Central Campus of Biskra University, on the first floor of the Administrative Consolidation Block, next to the Faculty of Economic and Commercial Sciences and Management Sciences, and please remain faithful to our website and on our Facebook page: LOEU Univ-Biskra. Our team is waiting for you! 


Very cordially. Dr. SOULEH Samah

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