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The second meeting between the Companies and the university with the participation of CILAS :


In the framework of networking and cooperative meetings, which the Office of the link between Companies and the University to hold from time to time to achieve its strategy, so as to boost and activate the partnership and cooperation between economic Companies and the university and in line with the vision of the latter and its modern orientations, the Interconnection Office organized a second meeting with CILAS on Wednesday 06 November 2019 at the headquarters of the Scientific Research Laboratories Complex, Dr. Behlali El-Seid, according to the program attached to the report.


The meeting was opened at 9:00 am with an opening speech by Ms. Solah Samah, Director of the Office of Interconnection between Companies, the University and the Career Paths Center, who welcomed the attendees to address directly the presentation of the work of the Office, its objectives and tasks and what has been accomplished since its inception and prospects that will be achieved in the future so as to strengthen the openness of the university to the economic and social environment.

Ms. Solah Samah then moved to present the delegation representing CILAS to get them  the opportunity to present their offers in order, according to the distribution of the interventions programmed in the meeting, starting with Mr. Seif Eddine Kenedy, the CILAS Mechanism Officer, who gave an explanation on the monitoring of the condition of electric motors and the misdiagnosis of the machines in the cement factories.

In connection with what was presented by Mr. Kennedy Seifeddine, his colleague, Mr. Yassin Azaz, Quality Officer, gave a brief presentation with pictures on the monitoring and interaction of clinker through microscopic analysis. Moreover , he mentioned some of the problems experienced by the cement factories in Algeria, such as saturation and excess production, inviting directors of scientific laboratories to work and cooperate to find some solutions to the problems facing the two parties, where after the presentation of his presentation was discussed with a group of professors and laboratory managers, led by Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahed Chellah, who stressed the readiness of his laboratory to meet the needs of the company and cooperation with them in the field of the chemical and physical analyzes.

In connection with the presentation made to CILAS in this meeting, Mr. Rajaimia Mohammed Al-Hadi, Director of Maintenance at CILAS Company, addressed the presentation which focused on improving production, reducing costs and some industrial processes such as lubrication, lubrication and cooling. He also touched on some of the problems faced by the factories and their solutions. Dr Gargazi Saadia, director of the hydraulic laboratory, stressed that her laboratory works in the same field and focuses on research axes that may be of interest to the company in the case of joint cooperation between them.

On the sidelines of this meeting, the liaison office programmed practical field visits to the delegation from CILAS Company for some scientific research laboratories at the University of Biskra after coordination with their directors and taking their approval, in order to see the devices and equipment that each laboratory has and open the door for cooperation with the company. These laboratories were visited in the following order:

1 - Hydraulic Laboratory, headed by Dr. Kazkazi Saadia

2 - Laboratory of Civil Engineering, headed by Dr. Qatala Abdul Hamid

3 - Laboratory of Applied Chemistry, headed by Dr. Magzi Ahmed

4- Laboratory of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Sustainable Development and Environment, headed by Dr. Mahmoud Dababash

5 - Laboratory of thin-film physics and applications, headed by Dr. Abdel Wahed Chellah

6- Laboratory of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering, Sustainable Development and Environment, headed by Dr. Mahmoud Dababash

7- Laboratory of soil mechanics

8 - Pedagogical laboratory for organic chemistry as well as laboratory for electrical chemistry

During this visit, each official in charge of each of the laboratories mentioned above gave a full explanation to the delegation representing CILAS Company about the history of the laboratory and its establishment and processing. The delegation also briefed the delegation on the technical and mechanical equipment available in each laboratory, whether or not, with the introduction of how they work and the field, and their uses.

After the conclusion of the visit of the laboratories, the team returned to the complex where the meeting was organized to hold a mini-session to look into the areas of cooperation between the research laboratories and CILAS at the university that participated in the meeting.

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